Why Christmas comes early for restaurants

21 October 2019
It is often I'm told, it's too early to put up decorations and I totally agree. Back in the sixties when we were children, in the vibrant East end of London, Papa put up the decorations on Christmas Eve. Our neighbourhood wasn't plush by a long shot but we had a magical childhood, in our humble flats above petticoat lane. The waft of chestnuts and the barrow boys yelling thier lingo to strike a deal. Even back then restaurants advertised their festive menus early though, especially the prominent Italian and Greek communities. They never started serving the menus before the first of December. So in true tradition our menus at Constantia restaurant will only be available from the first of December. We also decorate the restaurant at the start of December and never before. In this game one has to be prepared before then because that's when parties book. It's a pleasure to announce bookings are now being taken and to satisfy demand our menus are on display.

Constantia Cottage Restaurant Christmas menus here

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